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You can learn more about the theories behind our unique Systematic Analysis™ by going to the White Papers section of our website. But we provide more than just Systematic Analysis™.

We also provide extensive Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis available on all stocks traded on the NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE. This information includes stock quotes, company snapshots, highlights and profiles as well as financial comparisons, ratios and their latest SEC filings. For Technical Analysis we provide extensive charting capability including stochastics, Bollinger bands and the ability to compare in real time any stock versus other stocks or indices. You have access to insider trading, institutional ownership, the latest company news and earnings estimates. And all of this is just a click away in the left column of our website. We encourage you to test drive our extensive Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

The scoreboard sections are where we track our performance accuracy. Our results to date have been superb.

We also deliver extensive up to the minute news with coverage in multiple categories including; business, technology, United States, world, sports, entertainment, science and health. In addition, we automatically enter you into monthly tournaments where you can win prizes by being the best predictor of stocks.

Furthermore, we provide all these aforementioned services free of charge for one year if you become a charter member and join today. So come join this unique investment service.





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