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As a member of the media, thanks for visiting. We have a unique and interesting story to tell. To get in depth information on our service either take the Guest tour or read our white paper. You can also read recent news stories and our press releases below. Images for your use can be accessed in the media kit. We also have automatic press updates so you can receive via e-mail the daily Systematic Analysis™ reports and/or all new press releases.

If you have further questions or wish to set up an interview, please feel welcome to contact us via e-mail or call John Kaminski at 425-558-4597. We will always try and be as helpful and forthright as possible to you. We have an interesting story to tell so we look forward to hearing from you.

 ePredict.com in Print and on the Web 

The Seattle Times - January, 2001
"Stock-picking contest closes to entries today"
"So you think you know what's going on in Northwest public companies? "


GlobeandMail.com - November, 2000
"On-line stock pollsters gauge investor outlook"
"Before you buy your next stock, it might be a good idea to look at some polling data to see what other investors think about your choice."


Editor & Publisher Magazine - November, 2000
"Online Stock Contest Begins With Seattle Paper"
"You may think we're mixing our metaphors here. But ePredict.com, a financial Web site that uses polling techniques to anticipate stock performance, has started a stock-picking contest aimed at building traffic for newspaper business sections."


CBS Marketwatch - August, 2000
"Stock picks of the week"
"Will the incumbents on Wall Street win, or will there be a populist rout? To find out, CBS.MarketWatch spoke with EPredict.com founder Scott Pederson. EPredict polls investor expectations and likely behavior, then analyzes the results to predict future stock performance."


Stocks & Commodities Magazine - June, 2000
"Websites for Traders"
"If you would like to join a Web-based trading community where you can play the part of stock prognosticator yet remain anonymous, without having to post or read individual messages on message boards, then check out ePredict.com."


Yahoo FinanceVision - May 22, 2020
ePredict.com president Scott Pederson was interviewed on a live Yahoo FinanceVision webcast May 22, 2020.


On Wall Street - April 4, 2020
"Opportunities Unlimited" by Evan Cooper
"Now there's a free Internet service - ePredict.com - that invites investors to vote on how they think stocks will perform."


Barrons - April 3, 2020
"Putting It Together" reviewed by Kathy Yakal
"Bit by bit, these sites gather investment data in one place"


The New York Times - March 27, 2020
"Personal-Finance Sites, in Search of Novelty" by Michelle Leder
"Using the type of polling more commonly associated with political races, the site surveys visitors on their feelings about specific stocks."


The Wall Street Journal - March 24, 2020
"Exit Polls on Stocks?"
"This stock market is so hard to figure out, one Web site is trying to do it by using political-style polling."


Dow Jones Newswires - March 17, 2020
"ePredict.com Brings Political-Style Polls To Investing" by Peter Loftus
"Call it populist investing. In this presidential election year, ePredict.com has brought political-style polling to the art of picking stocks."


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