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iV. Systematic Analysis™

The core of the ePredict.com service is the daily survey of its subscribers. Every trading day, subscribers are asked to complete a short, on-line questionnaire about: 1) their expectations for specific stocks and the market in the near term; and 2) their own trading intentions in the near term. The results from these surveys are posted daily.

Each day, ePredict.com subscribers access reports that show the market expectations for thousands of other traders, and what those other investors intend to do that day, week or month. The information is immediate and detailed. Traders are asked about general market indices, industry sectors and specific stocks. The reports detailing the collective judgment of thousands of traders are available to subscribers in real time.

ePredict.com does not intend to attempt to "predict" every twist and turn and up and down in the daily stock market. Instead, ePredict.com intends to provide a collective consciousness of investor expectations and likely behavior that should "improve your odds" of making timely stock choices that perform well.


The questionnaire is designed to be completed in less than one minute. In fewer than 10 questions it will produce information on:

  1. One-Month and One-Quarter Long Term Horizons
    1. General market expectations for the next month
      1. Where is the Dow heading?
      2. Which industry sectors will out-perform others?
    2. Expectations for specific stocks
      1. Rate the outlook for 5-10 stocks.
      2. The stocks will be rotated daily, so that over the course of a month, a hundred or so specific stocks will be included.
    3. Personal Intentions
      1. Do you intend to buy, sell, or hold?
      2. Buy or Sell what products in which sectors?
  2. One-Day and One-Week Short Term Horizons
    1. Expectations for specific stocks in the next seven days.
    2. Specific Intentions: Which specific stocks do you intend to trade in the next 48 hours?


The results from each day’s survey is displayed in the same 24-hour cycle. Like the questionnaire, it is designed to provide maximum information in minimum time. Relying heavily on graphic presentation, the reports are easy to read, so subscribers will be able to act on the information immediately.

An example report is shown below.

1. How do you rate over the next month the following top 10 in the world stocks based on market cap?

General Electric
            % Responding
            % Responding
Cisco Systems
            % Responding
Wal-Mart Stores
            % Responding
            % Responding

Click to Research
 Microsoft (MSFT)  Strong Buy  
 Cisco Systems (CSCO)  Strong Buy  
 General Electric (GE)  Buy  
 Wal-Mart Stores (WMT)  Buy  
 IBM (IBM)  Hold  







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