Privacy Policy

As a general disclaimer of all internet technologies, we rely on providers and intermediates to connect your device to our server. We cannot and do not warranty these intermediary providers and are not responsible for data interception beyond our control such as recently revealed government monitoring programs. We do however, once your information reaches our servers, take steps to protect this information from unauthorized access according to the usage clauses set forth in this privacy policy.

How We Handle Data

We save all data you submit to us using web forms. We save logs of all activity on our servers including all incoming and outgoing requests. We collect a fingerprint of your browser and computer configuration. We use cookies to identify your browsing session.

This data is collected to provide requested services, support various account features and defend against online attacks, intruders and provide fraud-prevention. This information is used as well to provide analytics to better review and predict our own business trends. We may use this information in the future to provide customized offers of products tailored and designed specifically to your needs.

We disclose personal information to third parties when required by law, to comply with industry regulation or to trusted providers in order to deliver requested services.

Your information is stored with our trusted providers and datacenters. If information needs to be transported to another location or through an insecure medium, we utilize encryption technology to keep your personal information from unauthorized access.

Any complaints or queries about our handling of personal information will be handled by our privacy compliance team. To contact our Privacy Compliance Team, Click Here.

This policy is effective September 27, 2020. No changes have been made since.